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Benefits For You

Stand out amongst the competition by utilizing our data from millions of product reviews

+7,5% Average Increase in Conversion Rate

Our smart review content helps customers choose the best product for their needs without the need to leave your store. Results are based on extensive AB-testing that indicates an average increase of 7,5% in conversion rate.

Up to 35% Increase in Click Through-Rate

Having thousands of product reviews visible in Google search results helps your site stand out amongst the competition and brings in up to 35% more traffic to your store.

Improve SEO With Unique Content

We bring in content to your website which is naturally rich in keywords relevant to your products. This automatically helps your website to have better search engine visibility and ranking.

Here Is How We Do It

Review data is gathered from thousands of trusted online stores and expert review sites around the world. Data is then analyzed and summarized by our advanced linguistic AI to give sentiment to the data, making it easy to digest by the consumers.

The refined review data is then displayed in your product pages as well as in search engines via simple to install web-plugin. Naturally, all the content is translated to serve your customers in their native language.


Getting Started Is Easy

Witview plugin is easy to install on any online store. It only takes a few minutes.



Activate the plugin with a single line of JavaScript



Choose a spot on your page where to display your reviews


All Set!

Manage your product reviews in our fully featured dashboard

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